There are 103,230 VINs so far...
To add a VIN, or to add another record to a VIN, send an email to LynchRoad@gmail.com. IMPORTANT: The subject line must include only a VIN and nothing else. Any email containing anything but a valid VIN in the subject line will be deleted automatically as spam and will not be read by anyone. It may take several days for the VIN to be added to this database until the automated upload is tested and ready.

To include pictures, upload them to a site such as photobucket.com (totally free and unlimited photo storage) or tinypic.com (no account required) and include links to the pictures in the email. You may include up to ten pictures per record.

Please include the year, make and model as well a brief description of the vehicle's history. Include contact information if you wish.

If you know the option codes, please include them as well. They can be found on fender tags, broadcast sheets (track sheets), window stickers, build records and invoices. These will help a great deal when the options search is completed.

Future owners of your classic will thank you!