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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. There's a typo in the database. Can you correct it?

A. Yes, please send the information through the Contact Page.

Q. I'm looking for my car's [broadcast sheet | fender tag | build record | dealer invoice]. Do you manufacture replacements or otherwise sell these items?

A. No. Unfortunately, replacement broadcast sheets are not available and Chrysler does not appear to have any build records for cars built after 1966. Any information about known cars will be added to this database in time. Someone may have more information about your car. That's not uncommon. If so, hopefully they'll check this site and get in touch with you. That's what this database is all about.

Q. Can you help me decode my car's [broadcast sheet | fender tag | build record]?

A. I'm afraid not, but I am working on building online decoders to help with that. Putting it mildly, it's time-consuming. My employer and family wouldn't be pleased if I spent all my time working on that. Better to keep them happy.

Q. Do you authenticate cars?

A. No.

Q. You have a picture of a fender tag that is obviously fake. Why is it linked to the car?

A. If the tag was represented as belonging to that car, it's linked for reference. If a different tag or conflicting information shows up with the car later, potential buyers or show judges may wish to research further.

Q. In high school, I had a buddy whose dad's co-worker's cousin had a green GTX. I don't remember what year the car was but it had mag wheels and a J.C. Penney's 8-Track. Can you help me find where that exact car is today?

A. No.

Q. I'm looking to buy a Mopar that has not been authenticated or documented. The seller says it's really nice. I have no problem shelling out thousands for something I can't research myself, but I refuse to pay a few hundred for an expert opinion that might save me a small fortune. Can you give me a range of its value without actually seeing it?

A. Sure. At a minimum it should bring at least a dollar at a high-profile venue. At most, I can't see it bringing more than three or four million. I'm pretty comfortable with that range.

Q. I run the Electric Jiffy-Jet Registry. Will you send me everything in your database so I can weed out the cars with foot-pedal Jiffy-Jets and add the electric ones to my obnoxious, flashing-ad-riddled web page?

A. Only too happy to oblige! Hold your breath until I get back to you.

Q. I was at a car show and met a guy from the Foil Hat Mopars car club who told me that if anyone in the world knows my car's VIN, they can steal it, sue me and send me to jail for stealing my car. OMG, YOU PUT MY CAR'S VIN ON A WEBSITE!!! REMOVE IT FROM THE DATABASE BEFORE THE FBI, CIA, INTERPOL AND THE BLACK HELICOPTERS ARRIVE!!!

A. You betcha. Contact me with proof of ownership and I'll remove it. Best of luck in the future.

Q. I'm a Bloomington Gold bed-wetter and know nothing about Mopars. I smell easy money and would like to make a killing by over-restoring and flipping this old Hemi Charger that I'm proud to say I practically stole from the pensioner who bought it new. Guys like Galen have the nerve to charge money for their time and knowledge, which cuts directly into my tax-free profits. Obviously my time is more valuable than yours so can I email you dozens of times a day asking questions about date-coding cotter pins and the best sources for free NOS parts?

A. Absolutely! As a bonus, one out of every ten questions will be answered and one out of fifty answers will be correct, though it's up to you figure out which one that is. If you want only correct answers, you probably should either plan on paying for expert advise or renting a time machine so you can build up your own thirty-year's worth of knowledge and expertise.