Fender Tag Decoder, Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Imperial [BETA]
No information is collected or saved from this decoder. Nothing is submitted to the database from here.

Type a 1970-1980 non-Lynch Road fender tag in the form above. A Lynch Road tag decoder is being written, as well as decoders for 1969 and earlier cars. If you want them written faster, send beer.

Start typing your codes in the lower-left and tab to the next field. See how it tabs up when you get to the end of a line? That's how a Chrysler fender tag decoder should work, since they are read from the bottom up. Customer Friggin' Service is my middle name.

After your codes are entered, press the magic button and the codes will be copied to the empty tag on the right with as complete a decode as possible.

Note that the options list is far from complete or correct. Eventually all codes will be verified with attribution. See above reference to 'beer'.

If it doesn't work to your satisfaction, I'll give you your money back.

This decoder is powered by a DeSoto 276 2bbl Firedome Hemi. It does a good job, but will soon be replaced by a 528 stroker crossram Race Hemi. When that's installed you should be able to decode cars that were built on Neptune.

***BETA*** This page has not been completed! ***BETA***

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